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Welcome to Our Children's Book Readings

There are many topics that need to be discussed with our children but are just hard to talk about! Luckily there are many children’s books that use cute characters, amazing graphics, and kid-friendly wording to help us. We know how expensive books can be; Especially when you only plan on reading them once or twice. That’s why we make it easy for your child to have a book read to them. All you have to do is snuggle your child close to you and click on the book you want read to you and your child. Our Facebook page will have video’s published before our website.

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Do you remember being little? It can be very hard for a small child to understand or even recognize their emotions. Parenting experts stress the importance of teaching our children how to recognize their emotions, understand them, and express them. Maybe your child is having some trouble expressing his anger in a healthy way. Guess what? There is a book for that!

Recommended Reading List

  • The Color Monster: a story about emotions, Rena Llena
  • How to Train Your Angry Dragon, Steve Herman
  • The Invisible String, Patrice Karst
  • Ruby Finds a Worry, Tom Percavil
  • Grumpy Monkey, Suzanne Lane
  • I am Enough, Grace Byers
  • Today I Feel…, Madalena Moniz
  • B is for Breathe: The ABC’s of Coping with Fussy and Frustrating Feelings, Melissa Munro Boyd
  • When I’m Feeling Nervous, Tracey Moroney



Body Safety

Although there isn’t a 100% guarantee that you can protect your child from sexual abuse there are preventative measures that you can take. Teaching your child the difference between inappropriate and appropriate touch is a great way start. Guess what? There is a book for that!

Recommended Reading List

  • It’s My Body, Lory Freeman
  • My Body Belongs to Me From My Head to My Toes, Pro Familia
  • Some Secrets Should Never be Kept, Jannen Sanders
  • I Said No! A Kid-to-Kid Guide to Keeping Private Parts Private, Zack & Kimberly King
  • NO Trespassing- This is My Body, Patty Fitzgerald
  • My Body Belongs to Me, Jill Starishevsky
  • No Means No, Jayneen Sanders