what You can do to help stop child abuse



Help Raise Awareness

Talk about child abuse prevention to friends and family. Let them know that this is a local problem and they should take action as well.

Attend the Planting of the Pinwheels

 The blue pinwheel is the National symbol for child abuse prevention. At 6 p.m. on Tuesday, April 4th, 2023, Family Resources, and other partnering agencies, will plant a pinwheel garden at Kiwanis Park. We would love for YOU to help us.


Recognize and Report Child Maltreatment

When you notice signs of child abuse, don’t ignore it. Call our local DSS and make a report.  Dial (828) 287-6165 during business hours to make a report. To make a report on nights, weekends, and Holiday’s please dial (828) 229- 7205.


Purchase a child abuse prevention month t-shirt

We believe that every child that steps through our door is brave, fierce, and strong. It is very important to us that the children we serve understand that. This month, you can purchase a Family Resource’s T-shirt to show your support to our community’s children and let them know that you also believe that they are bigger than the adversity that they have faced. All proceeds from these shirts go back into our agency and provide us with necessary funds to serve families. 


Become a Monthly Giver

Every single donation goes a long way! It doesn’t matter if you have $1 to give or $1,000. We appreciate every dollar that our agency is given. Without donations and fundraising events from our community, we could not sustain what we do. Monthly Givers allow us to have an idea of how much money we have coming in and give us an opportunity to plan spending more efficiently. Donations are used for all sorts of things, such as, paying for haircuts for kids, purchasing toiletry items, providing household essentials for women leaving the shelter, and much more! 


Teach Kids the Five Body Safety Rules

1. I am the boss of my body! I don’t have to hug, kiss, or be touched by anyone. I have a right to say ‘No!’

2. Private Parts are the parts of our body covered by swimsuits and we use the correct words when talking about private parts.

3. Private Parts are not to be shared with other-no one should look at, touch, or talk about my private parts. Unless we need help, we should have privacy while getting dressed and using the restroom.

4. No one should ask us to keep a secret- even if it’s fun and especially if it makes me sad, scared, or it’s about my private parts.

5. I have a safety team of 3-5 safe adults that know about body safety and i can talk to if I have a question or problem. I know if a body safety rule is broken it’s not my fault and it’s never too late to tell.  




Wear blue to show the world that child abuse makes you blue

April 4th is our official wear blue day, but you can also coordinate a wear blue day any day in the month of April! Talk to your friends & family, or your colleagues at work, about  when your wear blue day will be. Make sure to send your pictures to shellyharris@familyresourcesrc.org 

or use the hashtags #wetakeprideinourchildren #RCwearsblue 



Follow us on social media

Follow Family Resource’s of Rutherford County on Facebook & Instagram to see posts about children’s safety through the month of April. Also view readings of children’s books aimed at body safety and healthy boundaries every Friday in April!


Allow Children to Show their Support

Child Abuse Prevention Month is for the KIDS! Help show kids that they can take part in promoting the safety of children by participating in these activities. You can snap a pic and share them on social media, or email them to shellyharris@familyresourcesrc.org



“April is a time to help our community members learn the important role they play in fostering safe, stable, nurturing relationships and environments children need for healthy development.”

Vanessa Parton

Director of Family Services, Clara Allen Family Center

“Science tells us that connections matter, our work to build positive connections, stable foundations, supportive communitites, and strong families where all children can thrive has never been more important than it is now as North Carolina families grapple with additional stressors from the COVID-19 pandemic”

Sharon Hirsch

President & CEO, Prevent Child Abuse North Carolina

“Every child has the right to be safe, loved, and respected. April is Child Abuse Prevention Month, a time for communities to come together to build caring connections, supportive environments, and positive experiences for all children. At Family Resources, we recognize the importance of communities working together to help families thrive and prevent child maltreatment.”

Sherry Bright

Executive Director, Family Resources of Rutherford County


child abuse 23′


“CAP-Off Child Abuse 23′ is held the last week of April, Child Abuse Prevention Month, to help encourage participation in raising awareness of child abuse, and recognizing the importance of standing up for children so that they all may be safe, loved, and respected, and to remind them that they are brave, fierce, and strong!

How to Participate

1.  Find a cap- ANY cap- for you, your children, grandparents, even pets!

2.  Print the CAP-Off Child Abuse Sign and write down one way that you can

     prevent child abuse.

3.  Take a picture with your cap and sign, this can be done individually, as a 

     group, inside or outside, at our pinwheel garden… anywhere with anyone!

4.  Post your picture to your social media pages using the hashtags 

     #capoffchildabuse #frrc #childabusepreventionmonth and any other 

     hashtags that your heart desires! 

“One of the first steps to being a community partner is being aware of the epidemic that is child abuse. We like to think that child abuse does not happen within our own family and circle of friends, but the truth is, child abuse affects all families, all races, and all walks of life. It also happens much more frequently than you would expect.”

Kelly Hudson

Former Director of Shelter Services

“I have worked with survivors of child abuse for twenty-eight years. The one thing I know for sure, is children need to feel seen, heard, and believed when they disclose an incident of abuse to a safe adult. My top priority is to ensure that all children in my care have that. It’s hard to comprehend abuse happening when the perpetrator is close to you. You don’t want to believe it, but trust me, it is highly unlikely a child makes up abuse.”

Tammy Gregory

Director of Shelter Services, Path Shelter & Noah's House

“Children need to have at least one adult in their corner; To support them, encourage them, and just have their back. We all have the opportunity to be that adult for someone.”

Rachel Elder

Family Advocate, Clara Allen Family Center

For thirty-one years Family Resources has held an annual Child Abuse Prevention Button Contest. Every 5th grader in Rutherford County has the opportunity to enter their button design.

FIRST PLACE: Corryn Harrill

Corrynn is in Ms. Haire’s 5th class at Harris Elementary.

SECOND PLACE: Cali Jackson

Cali is in Ms. Conner’s 5th grade class at Harris Elementary

THIRD PLACE: Blanton McBrayer

Blanton is in Ms. Corn’s 5th grade class at Mount Vernon Ruth Elementary.